This page is dedicated to my present and future. My best friend, fiancé and lover.

My Scrat, James.


Key to My Heart

I had closed the door upon my heart
and wouldn't let anyone in
I had trusted and loved only to be hurt
but that would never happen again

I had locked the door and tossed the key
as hard, and as far as I could
Love would never enter there again
my heart was closed for good

Then you came into my life
and made me change my mind
Just when I thought that tiny key
was impossible to find

That's when you held out your hand
and proved to me I was wrong
Inside your palm was the key to my heart
you had it all along

© Jaynee Gallamore 


"I can love as a friend, truly & innocently and as a lover, passionate & deeply. I am accepted for myself with no judgment. I no longer need to always be in the lead, I have someone who is willing to lead. I have someone who is willing to love my antics and actually take joy in them. I have someone who loves me the way I've always wanted to be loved. I finally have the stars for my sky and my rainbow after the rain. I finally have the rest of me." ~ (c) MSC19


4/28/07 - Our First Date

We went to TGIF for lunch and then to the park. We sat on a bench by a ball field and I just couldn't stop smiling! We talked and it was amazing how much we enjoyed each other's company. It was amusing when he would scoot closer little by little like I wouldn't notice : ) Then asked permission to put his hand on my leg! Now how many guys actually do that??!! It was beautiful that he respected my space and respected me to have asked.


5/3 - It's Official

We became a couple officially! Since then it has been nothing but happiness. We have eaten at so many places (I love food). We have visited so many parks and seen so much of nature's beauty together (I love nature). We went on vacation together and just everything went smoothly (Usually I have something to complain about). He made ME breakfast on that vacation. He's a great cook (Not as good as me, LOL). He has eaten my cooking and loved it, or pretended to love it. Either way he ate it. : )


For my love

Baby, you mean the world to me. At a time when I didn't think I could possibly fall for someone you showed up. I hated you when I first met you then I loved your stories. I loved how you carried yourself, how you cared and considered other people. I loved your smile and your eyes, I loved the way you looked at me. I appreciated that you listened to me and cared about what I had to say or complain about : ) You backed me up when I needed it and assured me when I wasn't sure. You took me by surprise and made my heart beat again. You laughed at my stupid moments and made me laugh at myself. You became a child with me and grew up when it was needed. Your love is kind, endearing, hopeful, happy and genuine. You still make me smile, your hugs still warm me, you still make me laugh at myself and you laugh with me. We still share that same love we had from the beginning. You still are the perfect man for me and I'm just so overcome by emotion when I actually sit and think about how much I love you. You mean so much more than the world to me, you are my eternity.


The little things

We always check out the little furries when we go to Petco for Pumpkin.
When we worked together, he got me food and Starbucks often!
For some reason he really likes peanut butter stuff....
I love cookies and stale Oreos....yes stale.
I squeak when I yawn and burp a bit.


10/31/11 - Engaged

So we plan this lovely vacation in Florida. Much needed as I stupidly took four full-time Masters classes while working full-time. It's day 3 of 9 and I'm dressed like Little Red Riding Hood. We go to my parent's house to meet up with my cousins, niece and nephew. We have a great time playing with the kids, talking and just having fun. A great ghost hunting adventure is waiting for us at St. Augustine Lighthouse so off we go. You mention we should stop by a place to eat beforehand so we can get a lil something in our stomach. Sounds grand to me so we go to Caps on the Water. We go to the far right of the place, close to the bar. You have red wine, I have white and we order Mussels in white wine with garlic and parmesan. We are done eating and relaxing and you say we need to get to the lighthouse and get up to get the waitress for the check. She comes with champagne. I'm confused "Why do we have champagne?". My heart is racing because I felt something was off all day and part of me is screaming to myself hello dummy why do you think there's champagne. You tell me "I just wanted to celebrate how much I love you and how much I want to be with you." You get up and drop to a knee, I start crying and think I said "Oh my God you're not doing this." You then ask "Will you marry me?" I'm still crying and all I manage to do is nod yes. All the girls at the bar start clapping and I'm really thinking OMG, shaking and still crying. You did a good job baby. I love you :)


Continental Shelf Deeply
Solar System Vastly
And Beyond The
Eternity Of Time

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