Little symbols of love

Email 4.29.07 2:02AM
Hey Mai, don't know when you'll read this but I gotta let you know that I love talking with you your a lot of fun and you make me smile.  I always know it will be a great day at work when your there.  I look forward to seeing you.  Your also driving me crazy and I know you love it...... who am I kidding so do I lol. TTYL

Email 4.29.07 7:55PM
That's all I can say I had such a great time with you today I didn't want it to end. You Mai are truly SMOKING HOT.

Email 7.20.07 12:03AM
Hey baby It's 11:58pm and I was thinking about you so I decided to send you the following message: I LOVE YOU!

Text Message 8.31.07 1:11PM
I love you n you're always right

Text Message 10.15.07 7:00PM
When in your arms I feel calm when I feel your heart beat its such a treat because you knock me off my feet. For the time we share I truly care so baby don't despair a life without you I will not dare.

Text Message 11.22.07 6:01PM
My life with you has become twice as fun my love for you has grown to the height of the sun the time we spend has everything meant

Text Message 12.12.07 10:00PM
I'm so much in love with you n wanna spend my life with you you are everything to me.

Text Message 12.25.07 12:17AM
Anything 4 u baby

Email 2.15.08 12:14AM
I love you soooooo much baby and want to spend my life with you.

Email 3.8.08 2:48AM
I miss you already baby

Text Message 3.24.08 12:59PM
I wanna live with you n marry you n love you forever

Email 4.19.08 1:21PM (from me to him)
Hi Baby!!
I love you :-) I should be getting ready for work. I'm still in my PJs and its 1:10. I feel so lazy today. No, I'm not always lazy :-P I miss you!! I've been online since I woke up...of course. Wish I could be with you instead of at work later. Work sucks at times. There better not be aholes today. I will put them in their place. Not in the mood for nasty people. Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and tell you I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again, so I can hide under the covers as usual...hehe MUAH

Email 4.19.08 6:36PM
I love you too baby n miss you.  Don't know when u'll read this but it's 6:35 pm n I wish we were snuggling under the covers lol. mucho hug's n kiss's.

Email 3.10.11 1:10pm

I love you deeply and in dreams or reality I will never hurt you love you baby.

Email 5.5.11 1:15pm

I called you and left a 10 min message lol my phone didn’t hand up so you probably might hear the radio or me cursing out some idiot drivers. LOVE YOU infinitely vastly…… Oh what! J

Email 5.5.11 2:04pm (from me to him)

Phone is ka-put :( Think it's the batt.. Left you a message. Talk to u round 10 when u get out : (    Love You!!!

Email 5.5.11 3.29pm

Ok, my love but that sucks wanted to hear your voice I miss you and your voice is all I have right now.





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